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Friday, June 3, 2016

Money Money Money

Folks, we do not understand how law enforcement officers can get involved in moving large sums of cash money around.  Some of the documents that we have been going through reflect that both Steven Ziaja and Greg Steenson is/was involved in another auto dealership as well.

It is not unheard of for law enforcement officers to own additional businesses. However, when you add up the debacle of the Performance Auto Sales and all of the law enforcement officers involved, thousands of dollars in cash being handed over from one law enforcement officer to another, an additional car dealership that Ziaja and Steenson are involved with, the suspicious sales of vehicles, lost vehicles, titles missing, and then you tie in yachts such as Riski Business that Ziaja cleaned out for Greg Steenson before it was moved to Florence you have to wonder what is going on.  Where did the law enforcement officers get the money they invested in the Title Marts?  Where did the law enforcement officers get the vehicles and tractors they sold to the Title Marts?  If Steven Ziaja sold 30 cars to the Title Mart for 4,000 dollars each he would have made at least $120,000.00.  Plus the tractor he sold for 40,000.00.  How come none of the money he invested and or made was reported to the state.  Same goes for Sheriff Ana Franklin how come none of the money she made or invested was reported to the state?  Wow!  How did any of the law enforcement officers have time to do their regular jobs?  Blake Robinson apparently made over 38,000.00 dollars detailing vehicles for the Title Marts that his boss invested in.  How did he have time to perform his regular job.  By the way he probably made more detailing cars than he made for the MCSO.  How can Sheriff Ana Franklin deny any part of her dealing with the Title Marts to include her dealings with Greg Steenson, her 4th cousin, when her family purchased vehicles from Greg Steenson, she sold vehicles to the Title Marts, her daughter worked for the Title Marts as did her fiancee at the time, and last but not least her employees with the MCSO worked for the Title Marts.

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