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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Money by the pounds CORRECTED


I am still amazed each time I hear another story about the Hugh volume of money that was passed around in the Title Mart debacle.  Steven Ziaja with other $20,000.00 in cash showing it around at the Title Mart in Priceville;  Steenson, Steenson's dad, Franklin with almost $30,000.00.  Franklin carrying a large volume of cash with her to Mississippi to purchase the first horse trailer.  The purchase of a horse trailer that we estimate cost well over $70,000, and the horse trailer she purchased from Title Mart for 15,000.  Franklin hiding the upscale horse trailer with living quarters so that the whistleblower could not get any more pictures of the trailer.  If you bought the upscale horse trailer with your own money why would you hide it?  Then you have Franklin and billable Barney jumping up and down about the whistleblower.

Folks, we forget one law enforcement officer who had a large sum of money.  That officer is Bones Wilson.  We didn't want bones to feel slighted for being left out of the blog....

How much cash money has transferred hands and whose hands are dirty in this debacle?  Some of you folks may be surprised.  We are still going through a volume of documents we found that should embarrass our sheriff, Steven Ziaja, Blake Robinson, and John Venegoni all law enforcement officers.

Someone, please send us the photo of the third horse trailer that Franklin bought from the Title Mart.

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