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Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Oh! The Memories

Back in the day.  Sheriff Ana Franklin, Last time seen at work in Morgan County, Alabama

Larry and Pam Berzett

Derek Sheats Sheriff Ana Franklin's Son in Law.  Also, the Food Sales Representative for the Jail.  Erika Franklin, Sheriff Ana Franklin's daughter.  Also one of the first new employees the sheriff hired.   

Pam Berzett pulling up the rear.  Our tax dollars at work.

Ana and Crew at the Governor's Inauguration paid for complements of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office and County Commission.

Ziaja Working Hard and Spending Money on His Ana.  Another man done gone.

Ana and the blitz

Pam Berzett Ana's Friend and Finance Clerk

Ana and Jamie Cooper one of the few interviews done without her side Kick Larry Berzett

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