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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Deputies and More

Folks, we have taken some heat for identifying one of the cream of the crop deputies as purchasing vehicles from the Title Marts.  I can't say that I blame the deputies for being upset.  

What we hope is that the hard working men and women of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office is sorrily pissed of that your commander in chief is knee deep involved in the Title Mart debacle.  Many of you folks, but not as many as there used to be, have been with the MCSO for a long time.  Tell me how your commander in chief came up with $150,000 to invest in the Title Mart with her cousin Greg Steenson.  I believe a local paper reported that the money came from savings and her state retirement fund.  How many of you long term employees could borrow that kind of money or any money from your state retirement fund? How can a public official say anything they desire without any consequences coming down from the state?  That was a rhetorical question that we do not expect answers from.  Damn good thing she wasn't the mayor of Hartselle.  How can you go from borrowing $5,000 in 2014 and investing $150,000.00 in the Title Mart in 2015?

We have heard the bragging made by some of these investors in the Title Marts.  We are not worried, it's just money, we know people in power, we are going to be OK.  We are going to shut the whistleblower down.  We had employees tell us of Franklin's bragging that she will never go to jail in Alabama.  Well Good! Maybe if some of the folks are indicted they will get to visit another state compliments of the State of Alabama.

The MCSO employees should be mad.  The MCSO has turned in to something equivalent to a rootin' tootin' cowboy  scene.   Fancy hear gear, equipment, county trucks to hall their prized horses and equipment, big fancy horse trailers, fancy cowboy hats and clothing.  This activity has made a mockery of the sheriff's office. This blog didn't to do that your commander in chief did that we just reported it.

Nothing in this world is stronger than unity, unity of the people who want to see change.  People who care about all the people.  Not just the people you choose to keep in your circle.  The people of the MCSO should be angry and hurt for all of the good men and women who have been forced to resign, quit or be fired so that Franklin could bring all of her friends in.  The people she trusts. The Berzett's, the Goodwins, her first cousin, Berzett's nephew, Berzett's granddaughter, an inmate Timothy Alan Hall, Erika Franklin Sheats, getting rid of longterm food vendors in favor of hiring the vendor her son-in-law Derek Sheats as the Morgan County sales representative.  Want to get mad and do something about it?  Put pen to paper and let the County Commission, the MC elected DA, the local Judges know how  you feel.  Folks, we have made a lot of changes in Morgan County and we can make more. Tell the people how you really feel.  I will be damned if I worked for a law enforcement officer who cannot be trusted to be honest, have integrity, and live within the bounds of moral behavior.  We need officers that do not steal money from the poor aunt, or misuse county resources such as their office, their staff, and their employees.

Now that I am on this story.  I was told by a person I trust completely that according to some folks, I will have more favor with the deputies if I lay off of Coburn.  Let me give you the short answer to that one.  No.  I personally watched Coburn slam a fifteen year old up against a vehicle for no apparent reason.  I know damn well a Falkville PD officer saw the same thing.  I watched Coburn jump in his cruiser and leave as fast has his vehicle could take him to high tail it out of Falkville.  I saw pictures of two women who have similar claims.  I heard from a Cuban American man  with similar claims.  Do not expect me to go with the popular vote.  It will not happen.  Go on Joey Coburn's FB and watch the so called video of training people how to you a taser.  It is a disgrace to the men and women of the MCSO.  Don't expect the whistleblower to accept that kind of behavior.  I commend the men and women who have spent thousands of dollars defending themselves against this type behavior.  The good men and women who work for sheriff's office deserve better than that.  The citizens of Morgan County deserve better than that.  Let's start testing some of the pumped up thugs for human growth hormones.  Let's bring diversity and honor to the MCSO.  All it takes is for a few good men and women within the MCSO to say "no more!"  A poet once said that all it takes for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing. 

Unfortunately, it looks like we are down on everyone of the folks who work for the MCSO.  That simply isn't true.  Look around and see how many of the long term employees are left.  How many people of color are left?  How many people of color have been fired while Sheriff Franklin allows folks like her common law son-in-law to resign without proper notice.

No jokes or cartoons on this blog, folks.  

We sat back and watched the disgraceful story unfold of our sheriff, Judge Howell, and the democratic sheriff of Limestone county make a disgrace of the judicial system and law enforcement during a standoff with a cold blooded killer.  The judicial system failed Kay Stevens by not allowing her a protective order.  Our sheriff failed Kay Stevens by taking over a standoff, sipping whisky with Roger Stevens in his big semi-truck, agreeing to take him by to see his daddy, placing him in a vehicle with no protective screen, and no handcuffs.  Ask us if we plan to vote for Howell or Franklin during the next election.

We can't imagine another judge in Morgan County that would have had as little knowledge of the Alabama laws as Judge Howell.  We can't think of another sheriff in the State of Alabama with the exception of Blakely that would have done something so stupid as to come in and take over a standoff without being asked for assistance.  

We have never been more proud than when Scott Anderson stood his ground for the DA's office and took the potion of charging Roger Stevens with Capital Murder in the case of gunning his wife down in cold blood in front of the family owned bakery. 

In closing.  We have heard from attorneys and their clients regarding missing evidence and lack of camera evidence once their clients get in the courtroom.  Franklin, do the right thing.  Manage your evidence and get dash cams, and lapel cameras for each and every vehicle in the MCSO fleet and get someone in the evidence room to protect the evidence until it can get to a court of law. 

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