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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Decatur, Alabama making big strides towards diversity

Folks in Morgan County can see the steps that Decatur is taking to bridge the gap of social diversity in the city.  The strong leadership of the Decatur City Council went out of their way to ensure that they played their part in bringing in a new person of color as Police Chief, Chief Nate Allen.  That you all for looking outside the box. Though the new chief has made it clear he does not see things as black and white, he will pull the citizens of Decatur together to help bridge any fear or gap that may exists between his office and the public.  We believe there will be a strong well rounded diverse group of police officers to serve and protect the citizens of Decatur.  We commend the Mayor of Decatur and the City Council in their efforts in diversifying Decatur.

Decatur is a beautiful city with a ton of family oriented activities to get involved with.  It is also refreshing that our new Police of Chief of striving to ensure that our city has a safe and secure environment for all the people to enjoy.  As an example, see below:

Excerpts from the Sunday Edition of the Decatur Daily, Sunday, June 5, 2015

"The Decatur Police Department, in an effort to build stronger ties with the public, will host a community event this month geared toward engaging the entire family. The June 17 event at Daikin Amphitheater in Founders Park is being called “Hanging with Five-O,” said Decatur police spokesman Lt. Proncey Robertson.

Rodney Gordon, president of the local NAACP chapter, said he believes the event will create healthier relationships — and not just encounters — between the community and police.
“(At this event), we can meet on common ground instead of in confrontation,” Gordon said. “Now, when confrontations do occur, we can sit at the table because we are familiar with each other. Whoever came up with this is a godsend.”
The free event will be from 10 a.m.-3 p.m., and all Decatur police officers will be in attendance, Robertson said.
Several community groups and businesses are partnering with police to make the event happen, Robertson said. The sponsors are donating food and volunteers for the event.
“No police funds are being used,” Robertson said.
The Police Department previously held a similar event, called “Coffee with a Cop.” The department has held two such events since October.
The goal of Coffee with a Cop is to encourage residents to have one-on-one conversations about community concerns with police officers, Police Chief Nate Allen said. However, “Hanging with Five-O” is geared toward engaging the entire family, Allen said.
“We have to engage the family because the community consists of families,” he said. “We need to bring the kids in, too.” or 256-340-2446."
We the people of Morgan County have seen our fair share of a lack of diversity but we also see changes.  We can expect changes in the future that will continue to bring the entire county to include rural Morgan County into a more diverse entity.  To see leaps and bounds of growth in diversity you can travel across the River Bridge into Madison and Huntsville you see truly diverse cities which is helped by Redstone Arsenal who proudly reflects its well rounded diverse group of federal employees, military service, and contractor personnel.  

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