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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Additional Comments on High Speed Chase Blog

With so many current and former employees of the sheriffs office yelling so loudly about all the dishonorable and criminal misconduct and humiliating behavior of the powers to be you would think someone would listen for real and something would be done. It's sad how untrained and unappreciated these young deputies are due to the circumstances. It's sad how unsafe and unstable it is all becoming. It's so very unfortunate for the citizens of this county to be so mislead by the complete lack of leadership. The Sheriffs office has no real plan or direction it has fallen to the downfalls of happenstance vs real leadership. Embarrassment over an absent leader running all over the state and country with no real purpose advantageous to the guys and gals on the front lines has not taken the toll with the public you would think it would. Is it all falling on deaf ears. Will it even make a difference come election time? For every incident that occurs to please a absent and ungrateful Sheriff I feel sorry for those who deal with the twisted since of direction they must endure. Truth and reality of law enforcement is not about personal gain or popularity but it is very much that way vs the brotherhood it should be in this disaster of a Sheriffs Office.


  1. Yes it is sad ,and its sad about all the young people that did not diserve to die all because of this corruption, and the games these officers play every night.and they know what's going to happen ,they create the game,make them up .its all nothing but a game that they think they can all play god and choose what happens to certain people and honestly think they will get away with it .that's not going to happen ,they will see,these kids have people who love them,and will be there voice that they don't have no more!and if nothing becomes of that ,CARMA WILL,!!!!!!! BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO MEET THERE MAKER ONE DAY TO.ONE WAY OR ANOTHER THEY ALL WILL PAY FOR THE EVIL THINGS THEY DID......I CANT WAITE TILL I SEE THAT DAY.

  2. Today my nephew was buried. His name Damien Cain Waldrep..It happens to be on Fathers day. To all who played in the game of murdering him hope you get what you deserve .,until then hope you sleep Well!