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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office Facebook

We posted a comment on the MCSO FB account inviting the readers to view the blog.  How long will it be before Franklin and Friends have the post removed?

We received a message from one of the folks who was considered one of the Franklin and Friends until the person was no longer useful to them.  The person said that they now feel regret and embarrassment for allowing themselves to get caught up in the drama.

This person now realizes that the favoritism, croneyism, and special treatment that the thugamuffins receive is wrong and hurts the MCSO employees and especially the deputies.  The deputies are the hard working men and women who put themselves out there everyday with inadequate training, equipment, gear, lapel cameras, and dash cameras.

We can only hope that at some point the conduct within the MCSO leadership will change for the better.  I truly believe the person who shared this information with me hopes to one day reunite with a stronger more viable sheriff's office under a strong leadership that cares about the county, the MCSO as a whole, the employees, and staff.

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