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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sheriff Ana Franklin

Folks, sometimes we do get a little personal with Sheriff Ana Franklin.  The fact remains that we do not care one bit whether you like or dislike Sheriff Franklin.

We care greatly about the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  All of the men and women who have resigned or be terminated, resigned outright, or been fired could not be making this stuff up.

Our sheriff's office has been made a mockery of.  The sad moral to the story is that our sheriff and her cronies have made it that way.  The posse, the misuse of funds, the misuse of inmate labor, materials,  hiring of family and friends, contract labor to include Larry Berzett as contract labor on salary, the big expensive trucks, the hiring of untrained personnel to include Larry Berzett and Livingston and then claiming they were APOST certified.  We have not even started on the Title Mart debacle.

The stories go on and on with no explanation from the sheriff, the state, or any other agencies.  We would like to believe that Big Luther will take a look at what is going on once he has finished spending over a million dollars on outside attorneys to prosecute Hubbard but that won't happen.  Unlike Hubbard, Ana is a friend of good old Luther.

Thank God the feds are looking at Governor Bentley.  How much would big Luther pay of the governors prosecution.

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