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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Response to Megan Brown's comments on our social media

charlie McCall

4 hours ago (edited)  -  Shared publicly
Ive read this "rant" a couple of times. It's pretty obvious it is from someone on the "inside". I only know what I have read, and our Sheriff has chosen to do business with a convicted felon, as has her "social friend" a state police officer. How anyone can defend those actions is part of the problem. Second the Sheriff is in her sixth year I think and even though it is not new technology not all of her patrol cars are equipped with video cameras? No body cameras for her staff? And there are actually people praising her as sheriff? Bad management, bad decisions, and law enforcement never should "consort" with much less do business with a convicted felon as Mr. Steenson is. I mean, really people. Print this if you wish WB, this is some more ridiculous stuff.

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