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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Correction from our reader - Questions from one of our readers.

Our reader ask that we apologize for one of her comments.  She said Tony is not in the Title Mart business and never was.  She just happens to know him and knew he lost someone he cared for.

Dear Whistleblower,

I know a lot of these people that you talk about on the blog personally.  I was one of them.  I am familiar with the Performance Auto Sales.  I know Ana, Steven, the Layton’s, Greg, Jason, and many of the other “in crowd”.   I also know Tony.  I was very close to Tony when his good friend died.  Tony used to have his camper set up at the golf course in Falkville.  I visited him at the golf course.  When these people are arrested who will bail them out?  How does law enforcement officers get involved with and invest in companies owned by a convicted felons?  I saw the articles of Greg’s previous arrest and it looks as if he has a pattern of bad unscrupulous behavior.  How does that happen?  If that was me I would be under the jail.  

Blogger comments:

We have many of the same questions.  Some of the folks caught up in the Title Mart debacle were not listed in your email.  There were also deputies involved.  Not as owners but workers who were paid by the Title Mart company.  To include booger's boss out of Chelsea, Alabama.  We found documents that I am not prepared to release yet that reflect some of the money the players received.  We are not talking about small sums of money.  

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