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Monday, May 16, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff's Office FB Comments

We can't help but wonder if any of the folks that complain on the sheriff's FB are ever contacted in regards to their comments or complaints?

Heard a great story today about one of your deputies buying a stolen horse at auction then demanding 2,000 dollars from the rightful owner to give her horse, a family pet of 18 years, back. Good stuff.

I think its sad you allow your officers to enter someone's house without announcing their selves, come into the bedroom where a PREGNAT woman is sleeping and pull 2 guns less than 6 inches from her face, saying only "Remember me bitch" absolutely sickening.

I was just wondering if the K9 officers with the county and city have bullet and stab proof vests. If not I would love to start a drive to raise money for them. If they do have them, is there anything else I can do to support them in memory of my dad, Buford Burgess? Actually anything for the K9 and human officers. I want to do anything I can to help the good guys!

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