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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff's Office Dispatch and Bluff City Road

Folks a few weeks ago we blogged our disapproval of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office spending over $400,000.00 for an independent dispatch separate from the 911 dispatch.  Allowing the fox in the hen house.  Let me give you an example of how 911 dispatch currently works in regards to the Morgan County Sheriff's office.

Example from a laymen's standpoint:

An ATV accidents happens  near Bluff City Road, Somerville, Alabama.  911 Dispatch is called.  The callers request assistance because people are injured. 911 Dispatch immediately notifies the rapid responders to include Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  911 Dispatch stays on the call with the rapid responders, i.e., fire department, ambulance service, and volunteer fire departments.  Once 911 dispatch transfers the call to the Morgan County Sheriff's Office their contact with the sheriff's office ends; their contact with the other rapid responders continues until the job is called.

911 Dispatch is set up to manage a total process from start to finish w/every agency involved completely informed of the entire process.  In addition, if a problem arises you have a one stop process for gathering and obtaining vital information regarding the incident.  Not only does the centralized 911 guarantee an efficient, effective process, it's also cost effective by avoiding expensive ($400K) duplication.

You may wonder why this matters.  1) By the sheriff managing an independent dispatch, it takes 911 dispatch out of the complete circle with all of the other rapid responders.  It also leaves weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the systems and delays valuable response time which is critical in life or death situations.   Should the courts require the dispatch records, they must subpoena two separate agencies: 911 dispatch and the MCSO dispatch.

Now we are getting down to the good stuff.  Now let's just say that the incident that occurred near Bluff City Road and all rapid responders were called at the same time.  Yet MCSO did not respond until the victims were being loaded on the rapid responder vehicles.  Was this a fluke in the systems?  We know all agencies was notified at the same time.  If 911 dispatch managed the entire process we could better explain why the MCSO rapid responders did not get to the scene of the accident until much later than the other responders.

There could be some simple explanations for this occurrence.  The MCSO rapid responders for the East side could have been on another call involving a life or death situation.  Or, something more nefarious could have occurred.  Could someone at the party have the authority to call the MCSO dispatch and request that they stand down until further notice, causing the rapid responders to delay until victims were being loaded in the ambulances and helicopter.

If 911 dispatch had full control of the dispatch services for Morgan County we would not need a hypothesis to answer the many questions that we have regarding this incident.  We would know why MCSO rapid responders were delayed getting to the scene of the accident.    We would have an investigation. We would know if alcohol was present or involved in the incident.  We would hear first hand the MCSO report of the incident.

State Troopers do not investigate private property accidents.   The ATV accident should have been investigated by the sheriffs department especially since injury was involved add to that one severe enough to be flown to Huntsville  NO INVESTIGATION NO REPORT IS BEING DONE. This comes from an extremely good source.  Alcohol was present whether it contributed to the accident no one can say.   The sheriff was present and apparently made the call for no report.  So the sheriff who was riding an atv was present where alcohol was present and it is a dry county.  No wonder no report is being done.  The laws apply to everyone except the sheriff and her friends. 

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