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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Is this story true Sheriff Franklin? This story did not make the news

The blog, in a hurry to share this 'hot off the press' story, did not spellcheck.  No, strike that expression 'hot off the press'.  The press is still cold on this story.  In newspaper-land, there is a spike on the editor's desk and all the stories that don't make in print are 'spiked'.  Anyway, on to the corrections....

The latest from one of our sources on an accident that happened near Bluff City as follows:  

ATV accident was DUI and one was flown to Huntsville Hospital. Another adult passenger was injured as was a six year old CHILD! They were taken to a hospital in Decatur.  I am told that there was a heavy presence of alcohol on the scene due to the number of people participating in the ATV social gathering. The sheriff is the complainant. In other words she made the call for help.  There is no investigation of any type being conducted.  This goes against the SR law of Alabama where if there is $250.00 of property damage or personal injury, a police report SHALL be filed.  The word is the Sheriff wants this to be kept quiet because of her being present, alcohol in her dry county being consumed and possessed. In other words her image comes first; injuries to a child come last.   The ATV was a four wheeler with a front and back seat. 

So much for keeping the story quiet.  We have almost 400,000 views to date.  We promise not to tell.....

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