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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Inmates, Escapes, Trustees, and Work Release and Stephanie Cook

Stephanie Cook is sitting in jail while inmates such as Timothy Alan Hall who has been arrested multiple times for substance and other such arrests is walking the streets of Decatur.  Hall was convicted of manslaughter in Limestone county and received a 15 year sentence.  Hall is running the streets of Decatur on a daily basis.  He has never seen prison walls because he is the first cousin of Derek Sheats, the husband of Franklin's oldest daughter.  Franklin personally requested an in-house hold on Hall.  Hall was transferred from Limestone County Jail to the Morgan County jail.  Within one week of his transfer Hall was walking the streets of Decatur.  Stephanie Cook convicted of a misdemeanor. Timothy Alan Hall felonies ,yet Cook sits in jail day after day week after week while Hall enjoys the freedom to roam.  I understand that Timothy Alan Hall will be getting out of jail in June 2016.  I am disgusted at the favoritism he has gotten based on Franklin's direct orders.  Some are hardened criminals and should not be walking the streets while others are sitting in jail because they do not know somebody who knows somebody to help them get special treatment.

If anything serious ever happens, I see Franklin playing the blame game.  Who is Franklin going to blame?  Kelso?  Maybe?  Doesn't Franklin keep Kelso and Powell running all over the US purchasing equipment?  Berzett absolutely not. Bradley?  Hey! Bradley will work since he is a man of color.  Let's get Kelso as well.  It is common knowledge that Berzett does not care for Kelso.  Franklin tends to fire the people of color while the white folks are allowed to resign.   Franklin allowed her common law son-in-law to resign after multiple arrests during the short six weeks he worked as a corrections office at the Morgan County jail.  By the way the common law son-in-law is white.

Franklin is well aware of all of the inmates running the streets and roads of Morgan County.  We personally observed three inmates, who were working at a local towing company, get into a white work truck from Performance Auto Sales and drive off in the vehicle.  In other words one of the inmates was driving the vehicle.

Franklin sets up the posse grounds with the assistance of inmates.  Franklin and some of her posse members house their horses and their horse trailers along with the farm animals that have been abandoned and picked up in the county at the Priceville Arena.  I wonder who picks up the tab for that cost?  The county commission has approved the building of a barn to house the animals picked up by the county.  Will the abandoned animals be housed along with the personal horses that belong to Franklin and the posse members?  Shouldn't the posse funds be paying for the housing of Franklin and friends personal horses?  Who is paying the feed bills, and cleaning out the stalls?  Is the MCSO picking up the tab at the arena for Franklin and friends personal horses?  Is the Morgan County Commission picking up the tab for the impound chattel and the personal storage and care for Franklin and friend's personal horses and trailers?  Is the county paying for the food and cleaning of the stalls for Franklin's animals.  By the way Ana how many inmates does it take to care for your animals at the posse grounds or the Priceville Arena?  Do you really want us to believe that inmates are not caring for your animals while they are housed along with the unwanted animals at the arena ground.  I hope Ray Long is aware of why he is building a new barn.  By the way, I haven't seen a list of the farm animals that have been picked up by MCSO listed in the paper lately.  I do recall seeing a legal post in the Hartselle Enquirer for a sow, a mule and something else a year or two back but nothing recent.

Franklin is also fully aware that the inmates support private events in Morgan County and has accepted and approved the process.  Franklin is aware that an inmate served alcohol at a recent event, that the inmates often return to the jail inebriated, that inmates worked on and cleaned vehicles at the Title Mart in Hartselle, where her daughter Alyssa Franklin worked.  Both Franklin and her daughter are investors in the Title Mart business.  We personally observed three inmates working at a local tow service where many of the Title Mart vehicles were being stored.  Franklin is aware that the inmates were being transported by deputies riding shot gun in the patrol vehicles.  For Franklin the inmates are free labor.

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