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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Howell Refuses to Hear Stephanie Cook Hardship Case

Judge Jennifer Howell said she would hear Stephanie Cook's hardship case during her scheduled hearing on May 26, 2016 at 1:30 p.m.  If you recall, Stephanie Cook is the lady who was arrested by Joey Coburn and one of the inmates who claimed Joe Coburn physically abused her.

Stephanie Cook appealed her guilty verdict to the State Appeals Court.  During the time frame that Stephanie Cook was appealing her conviction she had not gotten into any additional trouble.  Stephanie Cook is not a hardened criminal nor were any of the other folks who have made allegations against Joe Coburn.

Stephanie Cook is the caregiver for her grandfather who is home bound.  Mr. Cook lives in a world that many of us will eventually advance into.  Home bound with dementia, and is not even capable of using a toilet or shower. He is completely dependent on his family as care givers.  Stephanie has been that care giver for a long time.  She has been sitting in jail since March 21, 2016 awaiting a hardship request submitted to the court.  The family has no choice but to allow Stephanie's younger sister, who is not 20 years old. to be her grandfather's care giver.

I can't help but recall the case of Roger Stevens killing his ex-wife Kay Stevens in cold blood and Howell refusing to provide Ms. Stevens with a protection order.  Seems strange doesn't it.  Not to Howell, Howell reviewed the law in the Stevens case and determined that Ms. Stevens case did not meet the criteria for a restraining order.  Simple fourth grade reading.

Hasn't Howell been fired before?

Howell:   friend of Sheriff Ana Franklin.

Howell:   friend of Joey Coburn reference Coburn and Howell FB.  Didn't Coburn just wreck a MCSO vehicle going 115 mph without cause?

If you are a friend you get a free pass.  I am pretty sure Stephanie Cook is not a friend of Judge Howell.  Nor is Stephanie Cook a hardened criminal.  If she was Franklin would have her on work release.

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