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Monday, May 9, 2016

CORRECTED AND UPDATED - Has anybody heard this story? As Paul Harvey would say "and now the rest of the story"

We apologize for the misspelling in the previous blog.  However, since we had a correction to make we thought we would take the time to update our readers with the rest of the story as reported by one of our reliable informants.

Getting back to the ATV accident that occurred near Bluff City Road late Saturday night.  It appears that our dedicated and hard playing sheriff was at the party on Bluff City Road when the ATF accident occurred.

And now the rest of the story:

State Troopers do not investigate private property accidents.   The ATV accident should have been investigated by the sheriffs department especially since injury was involved add to that one severe enough to be flown to Huntsville  NO INVESTIGATION NO REPORT IS BEING DONE. This comes from an extremely good source.  Alcohol was present whether it contributed to the accident no one can say.   The sheriff was present and apparently made the call for no report.  So the sheriff who was riding an atv was present where alcohol was present and it is a dry county.  No wonder no report is being done.  The laws apply to everyone except the sheriff and her friends. 

Yesterdays Blog:

This report just in from one of our readers....

There was a four wheeler atv wreck near Bluff City Road late Saturday night.  2 adults and one child were injured one adult had to be airlifted   There are no news reports.  It has been reported to us that Sheriff Franklin was there riding but was not involved in the accident.  Huge number of Atvs no press.  We wonder why?

Should we obtain additional information we will share with our readers.

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