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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Greg Steenson

We have been going through notes we can only assume were made by Greg Steenson.  We assume this because the notes reflect things such as his deals with Sheriff Ana Franklin.  By all appearances we believe that the Title Mart relationships began with Greg Steenson and his cousin Ana.  From there it appears that Steven Ziaja jumped on the band wagon, and then Bones Wilson.  Tidbits of scribbled notes reflect that Ziaja has received a whopping amount of monies from the Title Marts.  It also appears that Ziaja may have a joint bank account with another used car dealer.  So! one of the questions we have was Ziaja part owner of the Riski Business with Greg Steenson.  This may explain why Ziaja was cleaning out the boat the day before it was moved to Florence.  We have also heard from some of the locals near Cole Springs, Alabama that say Ziaja claims that Greg Steenson is not a thief in the Title Mart debacle that Mr. Jeffreys is.  So! Steven if Mr. Jeffreys is the culprit in the Title Mart Schemes why did billable Barney Lovelace claim that you were filing suit against Steenson?  No suit has been filed against Steenson except for the Bankruptcy that the Jeffreys filed on behalf of Performance Auto.  Is Billable Barney waiting to see what is produced in the bankruptcy?  We know by some of the notes taken that Ziaja has been paid more than most.

Greg Steenson loves his boats and we also know that Ziaja cleaned out Riski Business before she was moved to Florence.  We understand that Ziaja may have a vested interest in Riski Business.  We took Ziaja for a land lover and hunter among men.  You know the type.  Don't take a shower so the deer can't smell the human on you.  Don't worry Ziaja the deer are smarter than that.  They know human from pure Alabama Law Enforcement Sh**.  

Folks did you know that Venogina actually owned the Chelsea, Alabama Title Mart.  All of this information is amazing.  We have a county sheriff Ana Franklin, Bones Wilson the MCSO Drug Task Force Officer, and two of the State of Alabama Law Enforcement Agents right in the middle of what appears to be a ponzi scheme. 

Now back to Steenson.  Folks, Steenson had access to multiple lake houses, was and probably still is owner of multiple boats, and toys lake toys. Steenson had contact with Ziaja up until the Riski Business was moved.  Does he still have contact with Ziaja and Franklin?  We believe he does.  

We would like to know how Steenson snared so many investors into the business.  We have counted up to maybe twenty investors based on notes, comments, and names we have seen jotted down on left behind documentation.  Greg your training should have been better than that.  Clean up as you go and do not leave contact information behind.  It could be considered riski business.....  How are you paying your way since you seem to come and go like a chameleon. 

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