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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Franklin should be transparent, Decatur Daily, Dec 28, 2010

Recap:  Franklin has been as transparent as a brick wall.  

Ana Franklin will take office as Morgan County sheriff next month, and expectations will be high. Voters made it clear on Nov. 2 when casting their ballots that they believe she’s qualified to run the highest law enforcement office in the county.
They will expect her to fulfill the duties just like male predecessors have. Hopefully, Franklin will implement the new ideas she has for county law enforcement, which include placing resource officers in county schools and re-establishing satellite offices in rural areas.
Another important factor will be for Franklin to be open with public records, specifically financial reports from pistol permits, the jail store and inmate food funds.
Departing Sheriff Greg Bartlett may have done a good job providing safety for the county, but he was somewhat heavy handed when it came to releasing public records of money he handled for the office.
The former County Commission gave him more power when following former Chairman John Glasscock’s lead to place all public records under Bartlett’s supervision. The new chairman should consider carefully a proposal to place all records for the sheriff’s department back in the county commission office.
Whether that happens or not, the public expects transparency in the sheriff’s office.

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