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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Female Halfway House on New Center Road

Can someone please share with us what happened to the halfway house on New Center Road.  At one time there was approximately 13 women living in  the house.

I spoke to the owner of the home a few months ago and she said the halfway house had been closed down.  

I spoke to some of the neighbors on New Center Road who told some odd stories about the house.  According to the neighbor, the ladies of the halfway house were not allowed outside.  The neighbors could easily tell me who the owner of the house was but not who rented the house.  After additional research I found that the power was still in the owner's names.  Hum!  The ladies traveled to and fro in a van that resembles a sheriff's office transport van but the van used did not have markings on it.

Two of the ladies who lived in the house ran away.  One of the ladies told a harrowing story of admitting that she had a problem with prescription pills but she did not want to go to jail for the stuff being made in that house.  What was being made in the house?  I later found out that the the halfway house was not an official halfway house approved by the county.  I wonder who did approve the house to be used as a halfway house?    

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