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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Deputies Submit Requests for Reassignment

Well!  Here we go again.  If the deputies are not told to resign or be fired they are quitting or requesting a reassignment because of management leadership inabilities.

We understand that the deputies that work under the leadership of Deputy Chad Smith have all put in for transfers.

Two key elements are missing within the Morgan County Sheriff's Office.  Management and Leadership.

According to what we call the "good" deputies Chad Smith is an insufferable piece of poop that does not have the leadership skills to herd a cow, pig, a sow, a goat, a mule, well you get the picture.  Without prompt attention more of the few good men and women within the sheriff's office will be leaving the building.

The deputies demand change.  We have assured the deputies that the good sheriff will certainly take care of their problem.  Each of the deputies that put in for a reassignment will surely be asked to resign, be fired, or will be ordered to give Smith a group hug and apologize.  

Seriously, folks something has to give in Morgan County before we do not have a sheriff's office to speak of.

Another week has gone by with a no show Sheriff.

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