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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Blog from the past

A few months ago we blogged on a husband and wife who was arrested for manufacturing meth.  We explained in great detail that the lady that was arrested had behavioral medicine issues and needed to be in a mental health facility not in jail.  Franklin kept the lady in jail for seven months.

During the same time frame Franklin was quoted in a news article as saying that her jail has a mental health facility with 24X7 qualified care givers.  This statement is a flat out lie.

The lady was eventually sent to a mental health facility in Tuscaloosa.  After seven long months in jail the lady received several months of hospitalization treating her condition.

We are proud to report that both the husband and wife are doing well.  We want to remind the sheriff that we have a list of all weapons taken from that house during the raid.  Those weapons should be returned to the family as soon as all court requirements has been met.

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