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Friday, May 13, 2016

Blake Robinson and LuLu Kelso employees of the Performance Auto Sales

Additional information regarding employees of the Performance Auto Sales is available.  It appears that a lady by the name of Lulu Kelso and a deputy by the name of Blake Robinson were employees of the Performance Auto sales. Did Robinson and Steven Ziaja share proceeds of Robinson's detail shop? Did Performance Auto Sales end up paying for all cleaning supplies, materials, and space for Robinson's detail shop? Was it clear to Robinson that he would receive 70 percent of the proceeds from the detail cleaning and that Ziaja would receive 30 percent of the proceeds?  Was the detail shop set up and paid for at the expense of the owners of the Performance Auto Sales.

How far reaching are the tentacles of the silent partners of the Performance Auto Sales aka Title Marts.  Email messages I received from Alyssa Franklin states that she is not an investor in the Performance Auto Sales that the company flatly owes her money.  So! Why has Alyssa Franklin shown up for each and every bankruptcy meeting thus far?  How many of the bankruptcy proceedings has Sheriff Ana Franklin shown up for? 

Our surveillance indicates none of the proceedings.  How many of the proceedings has Bones Wilson shown up for?  How many of the meetings has Steven Ziaja shown up for? Hey! Investors now is your chance to complain or have your voice heard in the proceedings. Try to get your money back.  Do not send a young lady into the trenches to be your eyes and ears.  Get your sorry butts off of a horses back and show up for the bankruptcy meeting so you do not have to place a young impressionable woman in the trenches.  Can we all say cowards?

The documents associated with this post will be provided not later than Monday, May 16, 2016.

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