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Monday, May 23, 2016

Ana Lover or.........

Folks, I hope you had an opportunity to read the previous blog from Megan Brown.  She tells us how she really feels.  I stand by our posts; they are truthful and if Megan can produce her facts, let her.

We are not Ana haters or Ana lovers.  We strive to tell the truth.  Some folks may chose not to hear or believe what we have to say.  The readers should make their own choice and have their on opinion.

We also stand by the fine men and women who no longer work for the sheriff's office who have been forced out for one reason or the other.  We also know there are good men and women who dedicated themselves to the Morgan County sheriff's office on a daily bases.  We support all law enforcement employees who risk their lives, work many long hours of service, go above and beyond the call of duty, struggle to make ends meet, and still stand proud.  Franklin and her thugamuffins not included.  We do not believe it takes much to be a posse member and waste government and citizens money.

By the way.  Did you know that Franklin, Berzett, and the posse did not show up for the spiritual service on Saturday.  They were busy roughing it at Blakely's rodeo I presume.

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