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Saturday, May 21, 2016

All eyes on the state of Alabama, Decatur Daily, May 20, 2016

The Decatur Daily report below addresses Bentley and Hubbard's prosecution on 23 Ethics violations.  Hubbard can't hold a candle to Sheriff Ana Franklin.  We have Franklin's daughter telling us that the blog is all lies, lies I say.  So! Is it a lie that upon her first swearing in January 17, 2011 that Franklin hired Erika Franklin to work in the sheriff's office?  No, it isn't.  Ethic's violation number 1.  Is it true that Franklin was pushing her gym business on the MCSO employee's?  Ethics violation number 2.  Is it true that Franklin hired her cousin as contract labor to work in the jail?  Ethics violation number 3.  Is it true that Franklin was paying family members with gift cards?  Ethics violation number 4.  Is it true that Franklin hired her common law son-in-law as a corrections office even though he had multiple arrests?  Ethics violation number 5.  Is it true that Franklin failed to provide a fully transparent budget as promised and that at least 6 Alabama Open Records Requests were ignored or only partially information was provided?  Ethics Violation 6 - 11.  Isn't it true that Franklin used MCSO money to purchase her first horse trailer?  Ethics Violation number 12. Isn't it true that Franklin's second horse trailer that cost approximately $70,000.00 was purchased with MCSO money?  Ethics Violation number 13.  Isn't it true that Franklin bought a third horse trailer from the Title Mart that she had invested in?  Ethics Violation number 14.  It should be noted that the horse trailer that Franklin purchased from the Title Mart and paid $5,000.00 down on does not appear to be paid for.  Isn't in true that Franklin used inmate labor to upgrade a family members home?  Ethics Violation number 15.  Isn't it true that Franklin allowed  inmates to work on and clean vehicles up at Title Mart?  Ethics Violation number 16.  Franklin, isn't it true that inmates were used to clean up vehicles at Sammy's where a considerable number of Title Mart vehicles were located on site? Ethics violation 17.  Weren't the vehicles towed there located after you and Ziaja both invested in the Title Marts?  Are we up to 18 already?  Didn't Greg Steenson write you checks for  your investment which you failed to report to the state or the IRS?  Ethics violation number 19?  Isn't it true that you became an investor in the Title Marts and that you failed to report the investment to the state?  Ethics violation number 20.  Purchase of a boom truck from Title Mart as part owner.  Ethics violation number 21.    Three sisters bail bonding/special events and more.  Giving all of your business to one agency.  Keeping them at the top of the list for bonding instead of rotating the bonding company's list.  Ethics violation number 22.  Selling more than 6 vehicles to your daddy.  Ethics violation number 23.  Selling vehicles to  your daughter ad your daughter's babies daddy.  Ethics violation number 24.  Need I continue?  We could also talk about a note found that reflects that Ziaja has received over $200,000.00 from the Title Marts.  Don't leave your trash behind son, don't leave your trash behind.  Steenson you are next.  Shame on you for not cleaning house before  you exited the property.  Next the Decatur Daily article.  We apologize to the Daily for being a page hog.
Decatur Daily Article

It has been a tough year politically for the Republican Party in Alabama, and things aren’t likely to get much better in the months leading up to the general election in November.
The start this week of the trial of Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard is the latest dark cloud hovering over the Grand Old Party’s damaged reputation in the Heart of Dixie. For now, the trial takes some heat off Republican Gov. Robert Bentley, who is mired in an alleged scandal of his own, involving alleged improprieties with his top political adviser, that could lead to impeachment hearings.
Together, Hubbard’s trial and Bentley’s scandal have become a source of hilarity for political observers across the United States. All the negative attention being generated is an embarrassment for the state — no matter which side of the political fence you support.
Our government leaders really have no one to blame but themselves for this unnerving state of affairs.
Republican leaders have had 18 months to deal with the Hubbard issue, but refused to do so.
Following an investigation that took almost two years to complete, Hubbard was indicted in October 2014 on 23 felony counts of corruption. He is accused of using his elected office for personal gain.
The charges didn’t stop Lee County voters from electing Hubbard to another term in the House of Representatives just one month after his indictment. And for the past two years, Hubbard’s fellow House members defied logic by allowing him to continue his role as House Speaker.
Voters and politicians alike chose to ignore the fact that Hubbard’s alleged ethics law violations were breaches of trust against the people and government of Alabama. How can the citizens of this state trust a politician who allegedly puts his personal interests above the interests of the people?
Likewise, Hubbard’s alleged actions should have raised red flags about whether he had the moral and ethical standards needed to lead the Alabama House. Instead, House members united in a display of partisan loyalty, and that was a mistake that has cost the people of Alabama dearly.
Adding insult to injury was Bentley’s scandal involving his top political adviser, Rebekah Caldwell Mason. The story, which broke on March 22, cast a cloud over the waning weeks of the legislative session. It also triggered a movement to call for impeachment hearings, which was led by Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle.
Mason resigned her position about a week later; Bentley did not.
Hubbard will now get his day in court, and a jury will decide his guilt or innocence. Bentley’s future remains uncertain, but he, too, could face possible legal ramifications or impeachment hearings.
What’s not deniable is the blemish these two politicians have brought to the state of Alabama. As Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey said recently, “… all eyes are on the state of Alabama, for the wrong reasons.”

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