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Monday, May 23, 2016

A kind hearted Ana lover - All of Ana's problems seems to be because of the Morgan County Commission and us

Megan Brown

11:12 AM (3 hours ago)
to me
Im sure this will not make your blog but why would it, Its not BS that you normally like to post.  I am just curious as to why you say you try to get your facts straight yet almost ALL that you post is crap.  You call men and woman who put on a vest daily, go out and risk their lives cowards and pieces of crap.  How can it be that you have a few people you like to down and talk bad about.  Just because they are close to Sheriff Franklin?? It seems to me that you are a very SAD SAD, bitter, mad human. Also your story about Chad Smith and ALL OF HIS MEN putting in transfers is GARBAGE!! There is ONE guy who requested a transfer, the same guy Frank Anderson that you blogged about saying he should have been FIRED....... so why post that?? Aren't you the COWARDS?? You hide secretly behind your web site, you don't let anyone know who you are.... that is a COWARD. If you knew half of what you claim to know you wouldn't be hiding. I could go on and on about how ridicules your stories are.  Why doesn't anyone know the phone number to contact you?  Btw the Morgan County Commission is the reason the Deputies are so very under paid, NOT ANA FRANKLIN. Hey I have a scandal for you, did you know that the ppl that are ILLEGALY running back ground checks for you while at work at the Morgan County Sheriffs Office is illegal?? They are not suppose to run ppl while at work, and your crap about you do it yourself..... COME ON NOW!! Also why don't you ever post anything about how incompetent Captain Bili is he cant make a decision to save his life, or how the Chief doesn't do anything to help the sheriffs office.  How about how UNLOYAL all the deputies who turn over information to a website that puts down hard working men and woman.  Also you post your crap about ppl who have a criminal past and call ppl Felonies. Have you ever heard of redemption? How about this, someone has to be CONFICTED of a felony in order to be a felon.  Just because someone is charged doesn't make them a FELON! Also you don't know half of what your talking about ever because If I am not mistaken Ana Franklin isn't DATING ANYONE....... not anymore. Get your stories right. Stop posting BULL CRAP about ppl you no NOTHING ABOUT! YOU SHOULDNT CALL SOMEONE A COWARD...... YOU ARE THE COWARD. TELL NAMES, TELL PPL WHO YOUR "SOURCES" ARE.... Im excited to hear what your response is.  Please Please email back.    

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