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Thursday, May 12, 2016

A Dumpster Divers Life

Folks, please refrain from placing coffee grounds in your trash.  It makes my job far more difficult. It has taken me forever to compile a working list of people involved in Performance Auto Sales drudging thru the muck and soggy bottom paper product abandoned in, around, and behind buildings has me feeling like a junk yard dog.  On the other hand I would rather be an unpaid junk yard dog than some of you folks.  Where did you get all that money?  What about all these trips down south?  One of the investors sure as heck tried to keep Performance Auto Sales all in the family.  Cars purchased for cash.  Horse trailers abundant, tractors, and campers.  Trailers and tractors and campers, oh my!  Sorry Ana, no livestock.  I did hear that you have a little livestock at the arena you may be interested in selling.  With all these purchases going on I can't figure out where the money came from.  I wanted to have a little chat with Ana today but alas she is out of town again.

I understand that when Ana isn't being the horse whisperer, Annie Oakley, or the Title Mart Queen, you can find her at $150.00 Arts and Crafts slumber parties with some of her employees. 
Not to mention organizing and directing the cover up of an accident.  You will have a career after leaving the sheriff's office.  Rent an Ana, Inc.  Did you know that Sheriff Franklin was this talented?  I didn't.  

Franklin can strike a mean deal on a used horse trailer. Purchase price $70,000.00 plus.  Owners? The MCSO.   The horse trailer w/living quarters may also be rented out.  Call BR549.

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