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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Woman arrested after several meth labs found in home near Hartselle elementary school

To find even one meth lab near a school is absolutely terrible.  To try and instill fear in the community is also absolutely terrible.  Ana Franklin has not been to work five full days in the past four months. What the heck does she know about what is going on in the community?  The bottom line is she doesn't.  How often do you hear about the prescription drug problem in our community?  How often do you hear about the volume of breaking and entering in Morgan County?  How often do you hear about home evasions in Morgan County?  The last time I checked Morgan County had over 16,000 felony warrants that have not been issued.  If Franklin issues the warrants, she will have to arrest people.  Folks, METH is not the leading drug problem we have in Morgan County, Alabama, but it is the easiest for her to get show time with the press.  Ask Ana why drug busts are so easy.  The answer used to be on New Center Road.

Why fluff the numbers.  When this arrest is submitted to the state to be added to the number of METH bust in Alabama it will be submitted as one not nine.  That is if it is submitted to the state at all.  All county sheriff's offices are required to submit METH stats to the State; the State sends them out to a national database.  The stats are published yearly by state and county.  If you recall during the primary elections of 2015 Franklin told the public that "her drug task force" had busted 1000 METH labs in Morgan County.  If my recall is correct, the entire state had less than 300 METH labs reported for 2015.  The facts are posted in prior blogs.  All I can say is what a lair.  Why not just tell the truth Ana?  That way you do not need to remember what you said.  

Ana, Ziaja, and her sidekick the bone man have been so busy with the Title Mart mess they have gotten themselves into with Greg Steenson, they can't see the forest for the trees.  Franklin has little time to worry about the Sheriff's Office.  Because of all these extraneous issues, she just doesn't the time.  What the hell are we paying her for?  

Do another drug round up Ana, have the folks turn in the drugs they no longer take.  This time make sure the drugs are destroyed so they do not get in the wrong hands. 

Morgan County has some great people in the drug task force who work very hard and they should be thanked for their service. Even promoted as a matter of fact.  One is a waste of money.  Damn shame their job has been made into a media blitz for Ana.

One more question Ana.  Why are there no women, or people of color in the drug task force?

How does the news media find out about these drug busts in advance? Hummm.....

HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin tells WHNT News 19 a woman is in cuffs after a search warrant yielded multiple meth labs.
Shelly Bagwell Burns, 32, faces multiple drug charges after the Morgan County Drug Task Force obtained the warrant to search a home in the 600 block of Gable Street, which is about two blocks away from Crestline Elementary School.
“We made entry around 2:30,” said Sheriff Franklin. “We located 8-10 individual meth labs. We already had a warrant for [Burns] for manufacturing from a lab located at that same residence earlier. She is in custody.”
Franklin says Burns is charged with two counts of unlawful manufacturing of a controlled substance and one charge of drug child endangerment.
“She has a ten year old daughter that lives there, she has shared custody,” the Sheriff explained. “The child was not home when we made entry, a family member picked her up from school. DHR has been contacted, they’ll be doing a health evaluation.”
Burns’ bond has been set at $170,000.

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