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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why is Judge Howell so intent on keeping Stephanie Cook in Jail?

Stephanie Cook was arrested by Joey Coburn.  Stephanie claims that she was roughhoused by Coburn during the arrest.  Two additional folks that we are aware of also claim to have been roughhoused by Coburn.  We believe their intent is to file Federal Lawsuits.  Stephanie Cook appealed her conviction to the court of Alabama Criminal Appeals.  The judgement of the Morgan County Court was affirmed and Ms. Cook's conviction stands.

Stephanie Cook

Ms. Cook's father said that as soon as she received notice of the criminal appeals decision via Ms. Cooks attorney Ms. Cook begin calling the courts to determine what the next step was.  Each time she called to schedule an appointment she was told that there was no record of the documents being received.

Does the Court know that Stephanie Cook is her Grandfather's primary care giver and without her he must go to a nursing home?  Ms. Cooks is the sole provider for her grandfather.  Does the family need to file for a family hardship?  Once Ms. Cook knew of the decision she kept calling, yet nobody seemed to have the paperwork.  Who knows maybe she was calling the wrong office.  Unless you are a cop, attorney, or officer of the court you would have no clue what to do next unless you had been in the systems.  I know for one until I started this blog and research I would have had no clue what to do.  Ms. Cook believed she was following the advice of her Attorney.  I know I would damn well call every office I could to find out what to do next if I had already been in the jail for 47 days.

Most of the judges in this county would have given Ms. Cook the benefit of the doubt.  Surely the fact that Ms. Cook showed up for her scheduled meeting means something to Howell.

On February or about February 29, 2016, Ms. Cook received a notice from Morgan County Community Corrections to appear at their office on Monday March 21, 2016 at 1:30 P.M., and to bring her payment of 150.00 to the appointment. She did as directed and had no clue there was a problem until she was arrested.

This document was exactly what Ms. Cook was waiting on according to her family.  All other efforts to obtain information were exhausted.  Since Ms. Cook has moved since the initial arrest, it seemed rational that the documentation may have crossed during her move.  Ms. Cook was notified by her attorney to contact the court.  Could it be possible that Ms. Cook who has had very limited contact with the legal system other than claiming that Deputy Coburn readily stopped her vehicle near her place of business.  I spoke directly with Ms. Cooks previous supervisor who verified that Ms. Cooks vehicle was stopped and searched.  Ms. Cook spent 47 days in jail complements of Judge Howell.  Ms. Cook knows that Howell withdraw her from jail in a heart beat.  It would have been foolish for Ms. Cook not to try to notify the courts to find out what the next step was.  We believe that by showing up on the appointed day reflects that Ms. Cook took her responsibility seriously.

Folks,  lets get real here.  The Court of Appeals made their decision and or notified the Morgan County Community Corrections of their decision on November 4, 2015.

Why was Ms. Cook arrested?  Is it because she protested police brutality?  Is it because Judge Howell made Ms. Cook a promise during her Morgan County hearing that if Ms. Cook said one more word bad word about police she would be arrested again?  According to Ms. Cook, Judge Howell's comments can be validated via the court transcript.

 Letter from Morgan County Corrections
Note:  "If you should choose to ignore this letter and fail to report to the above meeting, the sentencing judge in your case will be notified and a warrant will be issued for your arrest.  This will be the only notice that you receive."

So! Does this mean we will arrest you whether you follow our orders or not, if you say bad things about the police?  What ever happened to our first amendment rights?  
File 13 AKA Trash Can

Sheriff Franklin, according to Stephanie Cook and her family when she was arrested on the below mentioned charges Ms. Cook said that her telephone was used while she was in jail to inform people on her Facebook that she was in jail.  Is that true?  If so, who would do such a thing?  How could she or anybody else use her phone that is considered contraband and held by the sheriff's office.

Mr. Cooks, Ms. Cooks dad told us yesterday that the arresting officers who took Ms. Cook to jail refused to allow Ms. Cook to hand him her purse.  We are sure that nobody within the MCSO would use Ms. Cooks phone.  Would they?

Warrant signed the day after the MC Corrections Officer sent Ms. Cook the notice to appear.  Why couldn't Howell wait for an explanation?  No Bond
Sure, a lot of people are going to say Ms. Cook deserved what she got.  Put yourself in Ms. Cook's place.  The Court of Appeals made a decision and she showed up for her respective meeting on the appointed date just to get arrested for doing the right thing.

Had the Morgan County Corrections Office sent multiple notices to Ms. Cook that was ignored?  According to the Cook family they had not seen a previous notice.

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