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Friday, April 8, 2016

Title Mart Update

Folks, We have heard from a number of Jeffreys supporters who are outraged over our depiction of how a lot of the payday companies work.  According to the folks who contacted us, the Jeffreys do not support that kind of operation. Furthermore, we are told that the Jeffreys were unaware of the activities going on with Steenson and his private investors.  We have spoken to a lot of folks in regards to Steenson  and his previous conviction and according to our sources this sounds like a repeat.

I spoke to a few of the Jeffreys family members involved in the dealership and they assured me that time will tell the truth.  They were forthcoming and had their documentation and information together.

During our conversations with the Jeffreys we have not seen any signs of deceit. As we have blogged before, the other members of the Title Marts refuse to talk to anybody but their attorneys and the Decatur Daily.  One source promised to send us documentation that backed up what he/she sent to us in private messaging. The person did not produce any documentation as promised.

So! Lets just wait and see.  Time will tell who the villains are in this saga.

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