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Monday, April 25, 2016

The reason for the blog

For more than six months, this blog has catalogued the short-falls, screw-ups, and general incompetence of the Franklin regime.  We’ve pointed out the systemic weaknesses of her administration and the foibles of her henchmen, cronies, and toadies. We’ve underlined how they’ve squandered not only their limited resources on frivolous activities but also the good will of the citizens of Morgan County.  An administration that started with high hopes turned out to be just another ‘hope and change’ hoax.  Meanwhile the men and women on the front line suffer from lack of training, obsolete equipment, and a real shortage:  leadership.  And we keep on pounding.  As an old colonel used to say, ‘there’s no horse so dead that you can’t beat it one more time.’  But not today,  And we’re not going to mention Title Mart either.

Today, it’s about the consequences that fall out of all the above.  We’re truly amazed that in spite of all the obstacles the Franklinites place in their way, the majority of the department continues to perform, answering the calls, doing their jobs.  Some do get discouraged but most keep on plugging.  And many are so dissatisfied with their management (that would be Franklin & Friends) that they have become willing members of the MCWB.  In other organizations, this would be an act of disloyalty but in this department, it becomes a higher loyalty, a loyalty to the profession of law enforcement, to help institute change.  The consequence here is that the work force no longer has any confidence in their management and is actively working on changing it.  We are talking about good people here, who have been used for political reasons and put out on the street with inadequate equipment, training, and leadership.  God bless them.  They deserve better than this.  

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