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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Citizens of Morgan County, Alabama should be pissed

We received this comment from one of our reliable sources.  

When Hall isn't serving tables at Simp McGhees he is on the golf course.   Yes the golf course.   Epic church in Decatur is installing an indoor golf practice gizmo so he can practice indoors.  He expects to be released from jail in June 2016.

What kind of lesson has Timothy Alan Hall learned.  Did he learn never drink and drive?  Did he learn to leave drugs alone?  Has he even thought about the man he killed?  Has he thought about the loved ones of the victim of his drunken driving?

Timothy Alan Hall Convicted of Manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison is the 1st Cousin of Sheriff Ana Franklin's Oldest Daughter's Current Husband.  Timothy Alan Hall is the first cousin of Derek Sheats.  Derek Sheats is the Husband of Franklin's daughter Erika Franklin, Turner, Sheats.  Franklin has made a mockery of the MCSO.   If you have committed a crime in Morgan County and you do not know Franklin you are screwed.  If you are a friend or relative of Franklin's or one of her cronies you can wear a gun, ride in the posse, and pretend like nothing ever happened.

Hall was convicted of vehicular homicide.  Upon hearing the news the sheriff immediately requested Hall be transferred to the Morgan County Jail.  Franklin made a swap with another inmate that had a dispute in Morgan County with a a corrections officer's sister, so I am told.  You can't make this stuff up.  The sheriff signed an agreement or directed the agreement be made with the State of Alabama Prison System in what is called an "In Hold Switch".  Once in place (less than a week) Hall was placed on work release and still is until this day.  What constitutes a serious crime in the eyes of Sheriff Ana Franklin?  Or for the State Prison System for that matter.

After a Morgan County inmate trustee escaped the sheriff told the public that she had no clue how serious the inmates previous charges were because her staff doesn't have the capability to conduct those type background checks. It took only a short time for the news media to find the inmates previous charges in Morgan County.  Hum!

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