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Monday, April 18, 2016

Say it ain't so Ana

We have been told by reliable sources that Deputy Anderson has just gotten off of another suspension.  How many chances does a deputy get?  How is it that some employees get multiple chances, while others are fired or forced to resign from the MCSO after one incident.  Sounds like a double standard.  

We also heard from reliable sources that another county vehicle was wrecked this weekend.  Total loss with no harm to the deputy or anyone else.  The deputy was non-other than Deputy Joey Coburn. If Coburn was involved in a wreck does that mean he gets to drive one of the Pink MCSO vehicles Franklin had painted?  Rumor has it that Franklin promised deputies who wrecked their vehicles they would be driving a pink MCSO vehicle.  We though those vehicles was supposed to be dedicated to fighting cancer?

Now on to another pet peeve of ours.  Why is Franklin a no show sheriff week after week, month after month, year after year?  It is called outside interest.  We soon realized that one of Franklin's outside interest was investing in the Title Marts along with her boyfriend Steven Ziaja, Alabama Law Enforcement Agent.  Ziaja invested $846,000.00 according to his promissory notes and Franklin by her on admission invested $150,000.00.  Between working and investing in the Title Marts, booger holler trips, Colorado hunting trips, trips to Biloxi, rodeo trips, Orange Beach, etc.  Franklin doesn't have time to run the sheriff's office.  Unfortunately, Franklin has included some of her employee thugamuffins, and thugamuffinettes to her travels.  It is impossible to run an organization as important as the MCSO with all of the distractions.  Which reminds me. Franklin is it true that you were using two or more of the MCSO deputies to guard your house? Why?

So many questions. So few answers.  

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