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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pamela Berzett - Contract Labor - Taking Cathy Brewer's Place - Tell me it ain't so Ana?

Folks, Pamela Berzett is taking over Cathy Brewer's job in the MCSO.  Not as a county employee.  At least as of today.  We contacted the Morgan County Commission Office and inquired to Pamela Berzett's position as a county employee.  Pamela Berzett, the wife of Larry Berzett, who runs the sheriff's office as Jail Administrator will now be supervising his wife at work?  

Our biggest concern is that 1) Pam Berzett is not a county employee; she  is contract labor.  How Franklin is paying Berzett is another question. 2) Pam Berzett will now have full access to the commissary funds which has over $400,000.00 in the account.  3)  Ana Franklin's son-in-law is the sales representative for the commissary vendor.  Franklin replaced Halsey the long term vending contractor around July 2015 after her son-in-law was hired by a competitor of Halsey.  Derek Sheats is the sales representative for the MCSO.  Hum!  One more thing I forgot to mention.  Our sources tell us that Pamela Berzett is being paid more than Cathy Brewer was paid.  We understand a lot more.  We believe the fox in now in the hen house.  We hope the decree that was written to keep the sticky fingers of the sheriff off of the inmate food money is not in jeopardy.

Larry Berzett also hired his granddaughter Alexandria Berzett as a dispatcher.  Alexandria Berzett recently resigned from the MCSO to seek greener pastures. While employed with the MCSO Alexandria Berzett was caught looking up information on the NCIC database.  Alexanderia is said to have been looking for any trouble the father of her baby had gotten into.

Most people caught in this situation are fired. Franklin and Larry Berzett decided to 'punish' Alexandria by allowing her to keep working and getting paid.  Alexandria was forced to ride with Deputy Robinson as punishment for her illegal NCIC search.

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