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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff's Office Rodeo Event - This Weekend

Does anybody know the name of the special needs agency the Morgan County Rodeo is scheduled to support this week?  Will Franklin donate the money raised at this weeks rodeo?  Will any of the money go to benefit the Morgan County Sheriff's Office? Sheriff Franklin you have embarrassed Morgan County enough with your extravagant spending and lavish travels in the name of the MCSO posse/Rodeo.  There does not appear to be anything about your rodeo events that goes to donate to the special needs victims of Morgan County, Alabama.  None of the funds raised during the rodeos has gone back into the MCSO.

I would try to shame you but hell! We can't even shame you into going to work.

We know what happened when the Natures Trail Church, Decatur, donated their facility for the Queen pageant.  The group trashed the church.  We can't help but wonder if Franklin offered to pay for the damages. The event was scheduled for March 14, 2016 for what ever reason the event was cancelled and rescheduled for March 26, 2016.

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