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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Morgan County Sheriff's Office new hire back ground checks

How does the MCSO conduct their new hire background investigations?  We hope there is a procedure in place.  We have heard several stories of folks being hired without background checks.  If this action is the standard protocol, it makes sense that Franklin has suffered so many federal lawsuits.  When you add criminal conduct with lack of education and training,you have a recipe for disaster.  This type habit could lead to serious vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the sheriff's office and the roving patrols.  Larry Berzett and Franklin make the hiring decisions for the MCSO.  Larry should know how to go about conducting background checks as the Jail Administrator.  Berzett's granddaughter, Alexandria, hired as a dispatcher, certainly knew how to do background checks as she was using the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) system to check on her baby's daddy. We can excuse Franklin because of her absenteeism from work.  She may not have even been aware of the requirement to conduct background checks.

If you recall, there was an incident last year where a work release inmate escaped.  According to a local press statement, Franklin told the public that "the jail administrators would have only seen the reduced charges he was jailed for, misdemeanor simple assault, and the charges Pruitt was jailed for when he escaped, writing a bad check and failure to pay restitution to the court".  Inmate Pruitt had far worse previous convictions that were ignored by Franklin.  

The statement Franklin made to the press was absolutely ridiculous.  If Franklin came to work more often she would have known that there is an NICS database that contains all of the available information one would need to determine any and all arrests, convictions, guilty plea, Nol Pross etc.  Maybe Franklin didn't know about that database when she had an in-house hold placed on Timothy Alan Hall who was convicted of vehicular homicide in Limestone County, Alabama.  Hall is/was on work release more hours that he is in jail.  Oh! one more tidbit of information on Hall.  Hall is the first cousin of Franklin's son-in-law Derek Sheats.  You remember the son-in-law, the one that was hired as a Morgan County sales representative for a food distribution company in July 2015.  Once Sheats was hired, Franklin dropped the contract for Halsey Foods and hired Sheats company as a Food Vendor.  Small world.

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