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Thursday, April 14, 2016

From Sheriff Ana Franklin's Facebook

Franklin must have taken office the year before she won her first term.  I believe Franklin was sworn in January 17, 2011, that would be five years Ana not six.  Maybe Franklin is counting the time she spent campaigning as being sheriff.  It just seems like she has been in office a lot longer than 5 yearrrrrrrrrrrrs. 

Complements of Ana Facebook:

My favorite part of rodeo is getting to see the sweet kids that come each year ! I have some photos of them with me for the whole 6 years since I have been in office ! Please share with me if you have some from this year or years past. I am keeping an album and I would love to have them !!! Thank y'all for letting me continue to serve you ! It's an honor and a great privilege for me to be your sheriff !

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