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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Franklin fetish

Sheriff Franklin has a little fetish about everything being pretty around her.  Maybe that is one of the reasons Franklin has made so many lavish purchases of rodeo/posse gear.  Everything must be perfect to protect her pretty image.  We have some pictures of special needs equipment that may not be pretty but would serve the community far better than all the pretty horses, saddles, bridles, horse blankets, and fancy garments.  Which of the following would best serve special needs children?

 Apparently Franklin hasn't visited the jail lately either.  Not many thing in the jail are pretty either.   There is some serious safety vulnerabilities that exist that place the corrections officers in danger as well as the inmates.  Franklin had the courthouse security staff and the dispatchers job descriptions changed to add corrections officer to their duties.  The action is for show only.  The change gives the appearance that the jail has far more corrections officers than they actual employee.  This is definitely not a pretty situation nor is it a safe environment.

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