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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dumpster Diving Performance Auto Sales

Dumpster diving is a great method of collecting information.  It clearly shows how sloppy people are with their information.  I dived for this information a while back and have just now had an opportunity to review the trash.

An employee's acknowledgement of notification and training Standard Form Number 8276 for Sammy Jr. was in the trash.

Steven Ziaja's receipts for customer gas, computer, and other items.

Commissions paid to Venigoni, Alyssa Franklin and others.

Alabama Department of Revenue Affidavit of Correction to a Document Form MVT: 5-7

Copies of drivers' licenses of patrons who visited Performance Auto Sales and much more.

ALEA agents and deputies purchasing vehicles from Performance Autos.

Blake Robinson, Chad Sain, Agent Venegoni, Steven Ziaja, and others.  Hum!

Our sources tell us that Blake Robinson had a detail shop at one  of the Title Marts.  We believe the detail shop was located at the Hartselle Title Mart.  Were inmates used to clean vehicles at the Performance Auto's and the Title Marts? According to a worksheet it appears that Robinson and Ziaja had a vested interest.

Ana Franklin purchased a boom truck, tractor, borrowed 5K, and then invested 150K in Performance Auto Sales.

A lot of the dumpster information found at the Performance Auto has patron's information that is sensitive in nature and should not be released.  However, we will release some of the information via pictures tomorrow.

It is amazing that trained and professional law enforcement personnel would abandon personal and business information when leaving the building.  Elvis would never have done that when leaving the building.

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