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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Community policing, department morale headline 2nd round of chief interviews and more

Please take time today to check out the article in the Decatur Daily regarding the second round of interviews for Decatur Police Department Chief.  We are very excited that a man of color made the second round of interviews.

As you know we believe in a diversified system in Morgan County, Alabama as well as the state. We have some very well educated people of color in our community and around the state.  People should be recognized for their skills and abilities and not the color of their skin.

On another note:  Our state has suffered some nationwide embarrassments recently.

Governor Bentley
Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard

Chief Justice Roy Moore

Though not elected Ex-Alabama Law Enforcement Agent Spencer Collier made the national news.  Thank you Governor Bentley!

Last by not least!
Sheriff Ana Franklin has not made national new "YET".

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