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Friday, April 8, 2016

Annie Oakley Rides Again

I have nothing against the Sheriff's horses, horse riders, or rodeos, unless the funds donated do not go to support the MCSO or Special Needs events.  The posse/rodeo fund is a non-profit organization.  The funds should go towards supporting the needs that Franklin promised she would use them for during her first campaign.  This picture of our Sheriff frankly is a bit redneck.  She is all about rodeos all year round and her duties as a law enforcement officer take a back seat to playing an Annie Oakley wannabe.  By the way Annie Oakley could actually fire a weapon.  This is a gimmick look and it is not professional, it makes our county look, well, backward. I can just imagine what industrial folks from other states think when they come here looking for a place to re locate and they see our "cow girl Annie Oakley" Sheriff.  Really?

Speaking of Annie Oakley riding again.  Annie Oakley's horse was trained to back up and do tricks.  When Franklin bought her 70K horse trailer with living quarters she backed the trailer into a power pole.  You will notice that she doesn't try to haul the horse trailer because she still can't back it up.  Since Franklin carries a gun, one hopes she actually knows how to fire it.

Franklin's rootin tootin cowgirl attire is equivalent to the September 1986 calendar girl picture of Sheriff Ana Franklin with the mini skirt, high heel shoes, and fish net stockings.

Who is paying for all of these outrageous outfits?  

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