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Friday, April 22, 2016

Ana preparing for the drug busts

Sheriff Ana Franklin has taken one of the most important positions in our county and made a mockery of it.  We have many issues in this county to include an unprepared sheriff's office. The good men and women in the sheriff's office do their best each day with lack of leadership within the Sheriff's Office.  They work diligently with little or no training, education, adequate equipment and  zero guidance to perform their mission.  Franklin refuses to even allow the free training that is offered.  The deputies are forced to purchase their own ammunition to train at the firing range.  They walk on egg shells wondering which one is next to be terminated, asked to resign, be transferred, or they give up and quit.  Don't think for one minute that the mcwb doesn't take what's happening at the Sheriff's office seriously.  I do, we do, we all care.  By the way folks, the drug task force now has lapel cameras.  You know what that means;  Turn your videos over to the courts. Nobody wants a criminal to go free. Nobody wants an innocent man or woman to go to jail. 

We all need a laugh now and again even when dealing with very serious matters that are out of our control.

Ana, bones here.  Look! I got a hot one.  Got us a drug bust.  This bust will make everyone forget all about those damn title marts.  You'll be a star.

12:30 p.m. give me a minute bones I just woke up.  Give me four hours to put my self together. I'll rush in at the last minute, I'll call the press once you say go.  

Damn it Ana slow down.  You would think we are going to a fire at the Title Marts.  Huh! how much did you invest?  Shut up  bones.  We are all in this mess together.  Where is Ziaja?

Ziaja.  I am a little busy at the moment.  

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