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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ana is preparing for her Rodeo

Ana is still a no show sheriff running almost all of the Morgan County Sheriff's Office business from her cell phone.  With the exception of the firing process.  

How many elected officials do you know that sleep until 1 or 2 in the afternoon and then go to work via the telephone?

Franklin is full of life when the sun goes down. Working with her horses.  Ana, who paid for those horses?  Did you brand them with Paid for by the MCSO?  How about your $70,000.00 horse trailer. Does it have a MCSO sticker on it?  You told people you had to prove to the state that you purchased the horse trailer.  I believe you made that statement during the MCSO audit.  I spoke to the auditor.  I don't think he knew about the horse trailer.  So! Why did you tell people you had to prove you purchased the horse trailer?  We all know you purchased the horse trailer but with whose money?  Franklin is a wannabe cow girl who apparently has been deprived of all the better things in life and is trying to make up for those lost years.  Sad really, if it wasn't for the fact that we are paying for her play time with her thugamuffins and cronies.

Our next question is how did you come up with the $150,000.00 you said you invested in the Title Marts? Why did you take campaign donations from the Title Marts?  Why did you borrow $5,000.00 from the Title Marts?

We understand this information has been sent to the Ethics Committee.  With all of the documented proof of ethics violations we want to do everything we can to help expedite the Ethics Commission investigation.

It is very disappointing that the first female sheriff of Morgan County has disgraced out county, many of the MCSO employees, and the Morgan County Sheriff's position.

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