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Sunday, April 10, 2016

UPDATED: Ana and the Inmates at the Sheriff's Arena in Hartselle, Alabama

Just as we suspected, the men in the orange caps are INMATES.  I know that surprises you.  We were shocked to hear from so many folks.  We will not embarrass the inmates by naming them.  Why did Ana have the inmates hidden during Saturday night's events?  Ana was certainly her perky self.  Franklin feels good playing cowgirl Annie Oakley.  If Franklin played sheriff as well as she does cowgirl, the sheriff's office would be in fine shape.

We hope to see Ana in orange one of these days.

Ana are you embarrassed to have your picture taken with the inmates?   Why aren't they in the picture with the rest of the crew?

Franklin and Friends

Ana can you explain why some of the posse members have orange caps on?  I don't believe it is because they are directing traffic.  Why don't you share with the public the purpose of the orange caps.

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