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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ana and the Circus

Ana, we understand the circus did not produce much money.  How much money was invested in the circus?  How much money did the circus cost the MCSO?  

The fund raiser was for the Morgan County Rescue Squad.  Since you mentioned the Morgan County Rescue Squad, please let us know on the Morgan County Sheriff's Office Facebook how much money went to the Rescue Squad after you paid the entertainment.

We are not opposed to holding events to benefit the community but since we did not find anything reported by the Daily on the Benefit maybe Franklin can share how much of the monies went to support the designated recipient of the funds.

We also noticed that Franklin had no problem coming out to the circus event after hours.  Since Franklin has diminished the MCSO to a circus level, and most of the reliable and credible folks have left the building, she  only has a few trained, qualified employees, and deputies left to work with.  Where are the clowns, there has to be clowns?

We doubt seriously there was very little money left to donate after paying for the entertainment.

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