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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Alabama Code 1975 Section 36-11-1.

We decided since Ed Henry is working so hard to get Governor Bentley impeached we would look up reasons for impeachment.  We believe that based on the five criteria below the gov ain't got nothing on Ana.  You decide.

Section 36-11-1.  Who may be impeached and removed from office - grounds; generally

(a) The following officers may be impeached and removed from office; judges of circuit and probate courts, district attorneys, judges of the courts of appeals, district judges, SHERIFF'S, clerks of the circuit courts, tax collectors, tax assessors, county treasurers, coroners, notaries public, constables and all other state officers not named in section 173 of the Constitution and all other county officers and mayors and intendants of incorporated cities and towns in this state.

(b) The officers specified in subsection (a) of this section may be impeached and removed from office for the following causes:

      (1)  Willful neglect of duty;
      (2)  Corruption in office;
      (3)  Incompetency;
      (4)  Intemperance in the use of intoxicating liquors or narcotics to such an extent in view of the dignity of the office and importance of its duties as unfits the officer for the discharge of such duties; or
      (5)  Any offenses involving moral turpitude while in office or committed under color thereof or connected therewith.

We expect to get a lot of comments of off this blog.

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