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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Were you angry last night -

Rumor around the water cooler is that we have upset some of you. We do apologize.  However, unlike Big Luther who doesn't want the citizens of Alabama to know who the one million dollar baby is that is in litigation.  We feel that it is imperative for the citizens of Morgan County, Alabama to know what kind of leaders we have in our community.

It is clearly understandable that nobody can contact Sheriff Ana Franklin.  Maybe she is training legislators how to operate a broken down bucket truck.  We know that she hasn't been in this week.

We are sure that Special Agent Ziaja is out chasing bad guys up and down his road.  The only question is who are the bad guys?   

The profit must have been killer for Ziaja to put that much money into month after month.  We noticed on some of Ziaja's promissory notes that he and Steenson were to split the profit 50/50.  We can only assume that the profit kept getting better and better since Ziaja kept pouring money into the dealership.  

Oh! The cost of doing business.  Maybe they should have set up shop at the sheriff's office.  At least the MCSO employees would have seen their boss between posse/rodeo events.  We drove through Cole Springs a couple of days ago and noticed someone was putting up a lemonade stand near Ziaja's.  We saw no help wanted signs.  We are waiting for a used car dealership to appear.

Now on the serious side of things.  The sad part about this entire debacle is that some really good people got hurt.  If you want to know why people lose trust and hope in other people, this is a good example.  Ziaja and Franklin know some prominent people.  We can see how some folks would have surrounded themselves around Ziaja and Franklin if looked as if they had a good thing going.  Greg Steenson knows some prominent people.  We will not know the extent of this debacle for many months to come.  We hope whoever is involved with less than honorable intent gets exactly what they deserve.

We can't forget that in Chelsea, Alabama we also have another Alabama Law Enforcement Agent, John Venegoni and his wife involved in the Title Marts.   

We are sure there is documentation that has been highly protected.  

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