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Thursday, March 10, 2016

The New Ethics Laws

Does Franklin's investment in the Title Marts mean that she broke another ethics law when she purchased the bucket truck for $4,200.00 from the Title Marts?  

We received a comment back from one of our readers that stated he did some research and found that Franklin and Steenson are 4th cousins.  He also doubts that they shared Christmas Dinner together.  We must agree with him on that note.

However, we do know that Greg Steenson and his estranged wife enjoyed time out on one of Steenson's boats with Sheriff Ana Franklin and Alabama Law Enforcement Agent Steven Ziaja on more than one occasion. 

One of the Do's and Don't's under the new ethics laws is "Don't use your official position to obtain personal gain for yourself or family member or any business with which you are associated."  Section 36-25-5(a)


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