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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Thank you for reading

Thanks to all of our readers we now have over 250,000 views on our Google+ Account.  

We have received some great comments both pro and con. Dissatisfaction over the Masons blog for one.  To date we have had nobody defend Ziaja or Franklin.  We have a considerable amount of information that folks ask us to research.  We are working very hard to gather information and disseminate it.  

Many people in Morgan County are disappointed and have a hard time understanding why Sheriff Franklin does not work from the MCSO.  We have found the sheriff's behavior as it relates to being an absentee sheriff as bizarre.  The primary question we get regarding this issue is why?  Why doesn't the sheriff work out of the office she was elected to run?

Please keep sharing information with us.  

We recently reached out to some folks that we desperately want to speak to.  If you are reading this blog, please contact us ASAP.

As for Venegoni, Ziaja, Franklin, Laytons, Steenson, and few others we really didn't expect you to speak to us.  If you change your mind please contact us via this blog...

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