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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Special Needs Rodeo Event - Where does the proceeds go?

Franklin and crew is asking for your help in supporting the Special Needs Rodeo.  We know a lot of people who would love to help but they have some questions.  Franklin and her crew have all of the lavish equipment, horses, and gear rodeo money can buy.  Now it is time to put some of that money back into the Special Needs of Morgan County, Alabama.

Will the proceeds raised from the Special Needs Rodeo go toward the special needs of Morgan County, Alabama and to support internal operations of the Sheriff's office?  Or will the proceeds go to pay for Ana Franklin and her cronies out of town travel, new vehicles, new gear, and fun and games?

Our kids with special needs often have needed their family and loved ones can't give them financially.  The primary purpose of the rodeo is to give back to the community and to supplement the MCSO monetarily.  Please take responsibility for the use of the Rodeo funds and give back to your community.

We all agree that it is fun for the Special Needs Kids to participate in the rodeo events and festivities.  We also think that it is critical that the sheriff's office follows the spirit of the non-profit organization's rules and guidelines.  Do what you promised to do with the Posse/Rodeo funds Ana.  We want to see pictures of the special needs children receiving much-needed equipment, medication, money for treatment, and so much more that could be done productively for the children.

Kids Who Might Need Extra Help
Isn't every kid special? We think so. But what do we mean when we say "kids with special needs"? This means any kid who might need extra help because of a medical, emotional, or learning problem. These kids have special needs because they might need medicine, therapy, or extra help in school — stuff other kids don't typically need or only need once in a while.
Maybe you know of kids in your school who need a wheelchair or use braces when they walk. Those kids have special needs. They not only need the equipment that helps them get around, but they might need to have ramps or elevators available. They also might need to get a special bus to school — one that lifts them up into the bus so they don't have to get up the steps.
Kids who have an illness, such as epilepsydiabetes, or cerebral palsy, would have special needs, too. They might need medicine or other help as they go about their daily activities. Kids with sightproblems might need Braille books to read. Kids with hearing orspeech problems would have special needs, too. A kid who has hearing trouble might need hearing aids to hear and speech therapy, too, since it can be hard to say words correctly when you can't hear very well.
Kids with learning problems often have special needs. Kids withDown syndrome might go to a regular school and might even be in your class. But they have special needs when it comes to learning, so an aide (someone to help) might come with them to class.
You might be able to spot a few kids with special needs, but you probably don't notice all of them. A kid could have a problem that isn't noticeable unless you know the person well. For instance, someone could have trouble with anxiety (worry), but you wouldn't know it unless the kid told you about it. Privately, their parents, teachers, and counselors may be working to help them with this problem.

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