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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sheriff Franklin keeping it all in the family and friends

For you folks who are keeping up with all of the tazeed inmates. The female corrections officer that tazeed an inmate multiple times was not fired because she is in a relationship with Berzett's nephew Rutherford who also works for the MCSO.

If you recall the male corrections officer who tazed two inmates multiple time, the last time being the inmate that the female corrections officer also tazed was allowed to resign before being terminated.  It should be noted that all of these folks are white.  Had they been people of color we believe that would have been terminated.

One of the reasons the Sheriff is trying to justify going to Merchant Groceries is because she's claiming they are cheaper but that's not true, she gave her son in law Derek Sheats the Halsey's invoices to ensure that the company Sheats works for was able to match Halsey's prices.

This is the same Sheriff of Morgan County Alabama hired her common law son-in-law who is nothing but a common criminal to work in the Morgan County Jail as a corrections officer at the same time he was spending time in Limestone County Jail for contempt of court and burglary.  The same sheriff who prepared an in-household to ensure Timothy Alan Hall the first cousin of Derek Sheats who married her daughter Erika Franklin Turner Sheats would never see prison walls.  The same sheriff who sat in a truck and sipped whiskey with a cold-blooded killer, and wanted to take him to see his daddy before taking him to jail.  The same sheriff who is friends with Judge Jennifer Howell who denied Kay Stevens protection orders before Kay was killed by her estranged ex-husband in front of her bakery.  Did you know that Roger Stevens asked officers on the scene if his wife was dead, and the officer replied that Kay was alive in the Huntsville Hospital, the officers asked Roger Stevens if he had anything he wanted to say, he said yes take me to the hospital so I can finish killing the bitch.  These words were shared by reliable sources.  This is the same sheriff that Judge Jennifer Howell proudly helped win her reelection.  Judge Howell is the same judge that denied multiple requests from Kay Stevens for help.  Kay Stevens is now dead at the hands of her ex-husband because Jennifer Howell and Ana Franklin did not do their job.

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